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caught in the cross hairs fighting between israel and hamas leaves more than 100 people dead. residents worry where the next strike will land. the leader has dared israeli
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commanders to launch a ground invasion of gaza. forces have been firing missiles at each other for six days. israeli infantry and artillery units have massed along the border. israeli commanders say they are trying to stop hamas from launching their rockets. missiles have hit a number of buildings including one that houses foreign media. half of the dead are civilians. fighters for hamas are firing fewer rockets. they have killed three israelis. diplomats have asked their counter parts to act as mediators. >> translator: gaza's demand is not a halt to war. its demand is for its legitimate rights.
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>> u.n. secretary has arrived in cairo to join the talks. his spokesperson said he will visit jerusalem this week. that's to try to end the fighting. leaders in asean countries are finding it tough to resolve territo territo territorrial disputes. the leaders met for negotiations with china's premier. leaders hope to devise a leading binding code of conduct for disputes. the issue should be handled
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without interference from outside parties. analysts say chinese officials are reluctant to enter formal discussions because any new rules could be detrimental to their interest. barack obama is spending the day at the summit. he will meet with japanese prime minister. they are expecting to focus on a dispute over the islands in the east china sea. obama is expected to push for a peaceful resolution in line with international law. japan's prime minister has praised myanmar's rapid reforms. he's offered a development loan worth $600 million. noda met the president on the sidelines. he said myanmar has made steady progress in political reform. he promises to support the
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country's economic development. >> translator: japan's public and private sectors will both back myanmar's reform effort. >> it will be the first loan in almost 26 years. they will use it to refurbish a power plant. they plan to invest in the commercial economic zone. japan's government will extend the loans in february of next year. they promise to make the country more attractive to foreign investors. expecters in japan are hoping they will be able to shift more of their products to neighboring countries. exporters need any help they can get. >> not only that they are struggling against trade barriers and they are hoping one may be on the way because japan and south china will start trade
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talks. trade officials from the nations will meet on the sidelines. the delegates are japan strait minister, china's commerce minister and trade negotiator. the ministers agreed in may during talks in beijing to begin negotiations by year end. it took them a while to deliver on their promise due to disputes between japan and the two neighbors. japanese leaders are aiming to build on the fda talks to improve ties with china and south korea. the ten member association of southeast asian nations including japan, china an south korea will likely agree to start discussing a region wide economic partnership. moody's has downgraded france. it lowered its assessment from its highest level. the move comes amid ongoing
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certainty. moody's officials said they downgraded to double a one. that's one notch below the highest aaa. the french economy is looking at a decline in its long term growth potential. negative factors include rigid labor market and structure problems. this is the second time for french debt to be reduced from the highest rating. in january this year standard and poor's cuts its assessment of french gernment bonds. let's check on the markets now. tokyo stocks opened higher on tuesday morning regaining the 9,200 mark in two months.
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the nikkei average is trading at 9,168 that's up .2% from monday's close. as investors are selling recent gainers to lock in profits. now to currencies on the tokyo current exchange. the dollar is little change against the yen. the dollar is changing hands. analysts say many investors are waiting to see the outcome of the bank of japan's policy board meeting that's going to end later in the day. they're reacting to repeated calls bypposition of liberal of democratic party for the bank of japan to further ease
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monetary policy. in the asia pacific region the kospi is up about.9%. in australia the benchmark index is up there about .4. it's intel outside for the boss of the major u.s. jet maker who is taking early retirement. intel has struggled in the global shift. intel officials announced on monday that paul otalini will retire next may. they have started selecting his replacement. he became the fifth ceo in 2005. he built closer ties with apple.
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int intel's growth slowed as it fell behind in smartphones. intel saw its market value this month beat out by its rival. china has postponed the japanese merger for a third time. they are having to put off plan consolidation of their ship buildings operations. they are waiting on approval anti-trust officials from japan's second large largest shipbuilder say they will postpone their merger until january 1st. the shipbuilders are required. chinese officials have not completed the paper work.
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they are reportedly failing to respond to the japanese firms. there's falling global demand for ships. the two builders plan to merge to help them design energy efficient vessels. they are aiming the boost maritime operations. that is all for me for now. i'll leave you with the market figures. chinese communist party
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leaders are highlighting to stamp out corruption. they have punished officials for abuse of power. the figure is reported from a report submitted to the party. there were about 80,000 corruption cases over the past five years. officials took bribes totaling more than $3.5 million. the party was warned about the risk of corruption. if the problem grows worst it will lead to the ruin of the party and the country. he urged senior officials to follow anti-corruption regulations. he asked them to prevent relatives and associations to stop abuse. hundreds of people in the southern city clashed with police on saturday. media outlets say the trouble began with the traffic accident. they say an unlicensed driver
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drove a car into several vehicles. no one died but five people were reported injured. the associated press quoted one residents who said people became upset when police and paramedics took nearly an hour to arrive. drivers and bystanders fought with police. authorities brought the situation under control by the end of the day. japanese robots look after the elderly. it sounds like science fiction but it's science fact. over three million people suffer from senile dementia. nursing staff and facilities are stretched past capacity. researchers are building new and humane intelligent machines.
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>> reporter: a new game is being played. the residents move their bodies on cue from a robot. the exercise works the brain. people from the nursing industry came along the watch. >> translator: coming here today and seeing people talking and dancing with them made me realize robots have become something common place to old people too. >> reporter: many of the nursing care robots are japanese conventions. in some countries they are
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recognized as medical equipment. care giving robots have been slow to catch on in japan. people still expect the functions of carrying to be given only by humans but the situation may be changing. i'm visiting an exhibition for nursing care robots. similar event have been happening across japan. they are attracting people who work in social welfare. these people may have noticed the increasing media reporter how robot can help elderly dementia sufferers and nursing home staff. about 20 people with senile dementia live at this home. this robot in the form of a baby seal is fitting with sensors. when stroked or talked to it
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responds by blinking and purring. this 92-year-old came to the home about a year ago. she has dementia and was already very forgetful. she kept to herself. at night she couldn't sleep. she sometimes took out her anger on the stuff. >> translator: she became obsessed with going back home. she could get argue men tative saying i have to go and cook the dinner. >> reporter: a curious thing happened. after care givers brought in the robot, she began to change. she used to look after her grand child while the parents, daughter and husband went to work. the robot reawakened such
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feelings in her. she began treating the seal like her grand child. little by little her emotional ups and downs have eased. she gets angry much less often. her nighttime wandering all but cease after she began sleeping with the robot in her arms. this has brought huge relief to the overnight staff. with the robot she is also recovering her physical strength. before she needed assistance to walk even a short way. now she can walk around the facility on her own. the robot helps the home in other ways.
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>> translator: conversation with people with dementia is difficult but the robot makes them laugh. we find it very useful. >> reporter: around the world aging and shrinking populations face many challenges. japan's care giving robots may help. acadmy award winner takes
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the show. >> reporter: take a look at the bowls floating. now listen. when the bowls collide you hear a bell like sound. it never changes. the movement of the water changes the music and this isn't your traditional record player. the need l doesn't follow the grooves on the vinyl record. the slight beams read it on a slice of age. it computes the rings thickness and color and translates the data into musical notes. art and music search is a cross
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between audio and visual world. people can see micnd listen to art. this exhibit allows people to experience the blend of those sensations at once. award winning composer is the exhibit's executive adviser. he was inspired to collaborate with decades of experience and love for visual arts. he says his goal is to combine the best of both worlds. >> translator: is not just art or just music. i'm intrigued by things that can be called by both art and music. >> reporter: he joined with other creators to put his own on display. this one features two pianos and laser beams. this lasers reflect text on the wall. a computer reads the light beams and transforms them into musical
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data. the pianos play it out. the laser projects phrases. it correlates into music. i have no idea what word, what letter, what dot correlates into each note on either of these two pianos. that's okay. that's the point. the installation is a metaphor for the ambiguity and complexity of every day conversations. >> translator: it's like these two pianos are talking to one another or are they? i think you'll enjoy the process of wondering what's happening. >> reporter: organizers say the goal of art and music search is
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to promote tokyo as an asian art hub. one of the benefits is that he can showcase art in his home country. he believes in japan's rich culture. loved nature.: our ancestors i think we still carry that an mystic sense. japan is known for our robotic technology. i believe the exhibit suggests a unique point of view. i hope this japanese sensibility gets through to the rest of the world. >> reporter: he hopes the show that crosses so many senses and disciplines also ends up crossing many borders. >> certainly an exhibition that stimulates many senses at once. the art and music exhibit
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continues at the museum of contemporary art until 2013. the world could heat up by four degrees celsius this century and that would be devastating for developing countries. currentledges to cut greeouse gas emissions are not enough. the banks experts predict a large decrease in arctic sea ice. they say sea levels will rise up to a meter. it's calling on nations to take more active steps to reduce emissions. the bank says it's possible to limit the increase below two degrees. time now to check weather conditions around the world. >> let's start off with japa we're looking at wintry pressure
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pattern. strong winds blowing from the continent to the east. dumping heavy snow on the north western side of the nation. we're looking at 20 to 30 centimeters of snow. we have a risk of hail throughout the day in the northern half of the nation. on the other hand the southern half of the country will remain dry. back behind it a high pressure system is dominating much of china as well as the korean peninsula bringing dry conditions. that could be burned off as new system coming in from the east. from the west rain will be intensifying here over southern china. down towards the south rain showers much of the philippines in the west, in the south and windy conditions continuing in the west and the south of the
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peninsu peninsula. clear skies for beijing. 17 degrees in tokyo. that's about seven degrees higher than yesterday. moving into the americas. thanksgiving day, u.s. thanksgiving day is coming up thursday. it's going to be the busy week for you. drivers may run into extremely dangerous traveling conditions for the northwest as a new system moving in from the pacific. right now we're looking hefty showers along the coast from northern californi up into british columbia. you may see as much as 160 millimeters of rain in the next 24 hours. it's more than the monthly rainfall for november. the lines are very close to each other meaning winds are blowing. as the system moves forward the east heavy snow is going to be a very big problem. 50 centimeters of snow is
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possible. that's going to be accompanied by very strong winds. gusts could hit 100 kilometers per how. coasl ra cld lead to flash flood along the coast. as for the continent dry and relatively warm conditions will continue throughout the thanksgiving week. temperatures on your tuesday. 22 degrees in oklahoma city. 25 in houston. temperatures are remaining on the seasonal side in vancouver as well as seattle. let's go over to europe. a train of low moving over northern europe bringing wet and windy conditions. gusts, wind could get over 80 kilometers per hour inarts of the northern half of the british isl isles. as the new system coming in the north western part will turn wet again. down towards the south severe weather happening in the
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southern part of italy. temperatures are looking like this. eight degrees in berlin and seasonably cold out towards the east. here is the extended forecast.
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one more story before we go. belgium is known as the home of luxury chocolate. a train made entirely of the sweet stuff is grabbing people's attention. >> wow! >> the edible creation is on display at one of brussels stations. it has 2 2 cars. measures 34 meters in length and weighs over one ton. the artist who created the train is not from belgium but malta. construction took six months and temperatures of 19 degrees
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celsius or less. it's set a record for the longest chocolate train. >> no, no. >> city officials say they haven't decided what to do with the train once the event ends. that wraps up this edition of "newsline." thanks very much for joining us.
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